Destiny 2 PC Beta Optimization – Best Settings (High FPS, No Input Lag)


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  1. I have a GeForce GTX 970M, Intel Core i7-6700HQ and 12GB of RAM. When I started playing the game, it was lagging like shit! So what I did is I made my display screen to > 720P < . And in the game, I put shadow quality to the > LOWEST < setting. Went to 20 frames to between 50 and 60 frames. And all the rest was on medium/high settings.

  2. Will the Vsync lock your FPS at 60 ? Cause i had it on while i played Beta and i could't get higher then 60 fps. My spec: r7 1700 , GTX 1080 asus strix OC

  3. I'm a gtx 1020 i5 quad core and have 8GB ram but it says I have 2015 MB in game, I'm using these specs and am getting 20-30 fps, whys this?

  4. Fps work great when I'm in my menu or in orbit but when I go into a match or story mode they get all jacked up

  5. when your laptop is so shitty that is has 425 VRAM and the games lowest is around 1100mb ;-;
    anyone know a fix (besides getting a better PC)

  6. In the beta I can't even get passed the beginning because the enemies keep lagging and it keeps kicking me off of the server

  7. 1440p medium settings AA/AF off, R7 1700 @3,5ghz on all cores SMT on/3200mhz DDR4, and a 1228mhz GTX970, hovering around the 60-75 fps marks most of the time

  8. great vid, thank you for telling me to change to smaa, it gave a huge boost to performance. Thank you.

  9. except for the fact my mouse locks up and i cant aim/move were im looking, and when i try to esc to skip a cs it instead minimizes the game and takes me to desk top, so far im very unimpressed,

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