DESTINY 2 PC Key Binding Guide & Mouse Sensitivity Recommendations


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  1. My setup for mouse binding. Mouse up = Kinetic, Mouse down = Energy, Middle mouse = Power, button 4 = Melee, button 5 = Reload/Super/Air Move/Interact (Depending on Guardian) | Sensitivity 800dpi / 9 sen / .8 multiplier I do have DPI switch for 800/400 which is why I use 9 sen for precision sniping. My preference and works well for me. Keyboard: Z = Map, ~ = Character screen.

    I also use the Orbweaver and WoW Cataclysm mouse which is all configured almost similar

  2. I've been playing PC FPS's for a long time and learning strafing and dropping my sensitivity to 4 was a game changer. Pretty much instantly had an effect on how well I was doing. Thanks for the vid. Great advise

  3. I was hoping you'd show the movements you were talking about in the various parts of these videos. Like a dodge move…air move etc. I enjoy seeing the game play, but I don't need to see that, I need to see examples of what you're talking about. Thanks for the guides, they are very helpful!

  4. I'm struggling hard with the wrist mouse movement but definitely know it's going to take some time getting used to.

  5. I want to bind simulateaneous left and right mouse button for move forward, using a logitch gaming mouse is this possible?

  6. Hi ..May we know what is your fov setting as well? it is affect highly the sensitivity but most of the time people forgot to mention about it….Cheers

  7. BBKDRAGOON, I have a mouse very similar to yours but I tried changing the binding to the side buttons and it doesn't work always, I have to press couple times to activate the ability. Any tips to fix that?

  8. Super on Q, Melee on E, Class ability on F, Grenade on mouse button l, use middle mouse click for weapon swaps and X for interact. Feels very natural imo

  9. Great video. I just gotta say the x , c and v key are easily accessible using your thumb there is no need to rebind them or to use any other finger you just neeed to rest your thumb on the spacebar and then use the upper part of your thumb to press thoses key 🙂

  10. Usually takes me 2-4 videos to sub someone. I've never subbed so fast in my life… This is brilliant. Decently quick. Reason's are quick and necessary. Love it

  11. What is your resolution? Since you are using 1600 dpi I'm assuming 1440p? Sensitivity at 3 with those settings definitely feels slow to me but I'm hoping I'll get used to it.

  12. I think I.ll be switching my grenade to pushing down the mouse wheel and then my super changed to q and have F be interact..or vice versa. im gonna set my class ability to one of my mouse macros

  13. The beta is pretty great on PC, not liking that competitive mode much but the control game mode is fun. I changed my super to my mouse scroll button and my melee to my side mouse button.

  14. Nade to Q is not recommended for Voidlock. They can charge them so it's very uncomfortable to hold down q while moving.

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