Destiny 2: PC NEWS! | NEW BETA INFO, App Compatibility, Last Bungie Bounty, & More!


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  1. I hope you guys enjoy the video!
    It's cool to hear that there will actually be some differences between the Console and PC Betas!

  2. My set up is i5 6400 8gb ram and gtx 750ti … will it be enought for at least medium settings 60fps at 1080p ?

  3. They are blocking the apps so we can't run Fraps to check the Fps drops. It'll be figured out quickly and we'll see the real results.

  4. I have an Amd fx 6300 and a 1050ti and I play Battlefield 1, ultra settings, AA off 65-80fps and according to Dice I shouldn't even be able to run Battlefield 1 much less at 70fpd average on Ultra settings so don't get rapped up in the recommendation hardware. It's probably wayyyyy less than what they say.

  5. My Discord will not be affected due to me having 2 monitors. I keep my Discord on a seperate monitor, so I don't use the overlay.

  6. Basically the anticheat just means no overlays. Most dedicated pc gamers have multiple monitors, I don't think this will affect many people. Even the game capture deal isn't a big deal, a lot of people play borderless with window capture from what I've seen anyway.

  7. i wish pc would get the beta then it would go into early access when it drops for consoles that would be the shit

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