Destiny 2 PC Tips Every New Player Should Know | Destiny 2 Beginner Tips


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  1. I got very lucky, the first legendary auto I got was the Uriel's gift and I got dropped the better devils on my first crucibal engram.

  2. Is it okay that I chose the Wings exotic from Sloane? I noticed you had Eyes… will it make a huge difference later in the game?

  3. Hey so I saved my blue scouts, and just beat the campaign, and there was nothing to use them for… Why am I saving them?

  4. Wow some great tips that you have here. Right now I'm switching over to the PC from the Xbox version of the game, but right now I don't exactly have a clan to join…I'm more of a solo player, but would eventually like to run the Nightfall and Raids. Oh well I plan on grinding out my Warlock this weekend.

  5. Oh…my goodness. D2 looks amazing on PC. PC, HERE I COME!

    Awesome video, BBK. Tips are great, I laughed a little bit about the blue scout rifles tip. 😀 Super valid, though.

  6. Oh BBK can you make a guide on how to make the game look good but still maintain good frames? I have an RX 580 but it struggles to maintain 60 fps on all high settings. Especially on Earth.

  7. I got kicked from my pc clan and kicked on discord. ;( they all seemed fine with me but I guess they were clearing for space.

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