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  1. I don't know whether to buy it or not. Help, any suggestions about why I should Purchase it? (I'll be playing it 95% Solo/without friends)
    Because Destiny 1 kinda let me down

  2. The midnight release refers to Eastern time zone, meaning people on West Coast can launch at 9pm, or at least that is how every digital download has worked for me.

  3. I won't be able to play because school starts on Tuesday for me so I probably won't be able to play that much but hope we can play with each other.

  4. Yeah I'm pretty hyped for this game we got our team ready I'll just noob about for the first three years of this game lol let's try hit up that raid as soon as possible wit our team this is gonna be fun pretty sure it's called leviathan ps outro looks pretty cool hope your voice gets pretty still sound sexy tho

  5. When you bought a season pass for the first Destiny but you only got the first 2 DLC… So I recommend getting the standard edition as well.

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