Destiny 2: Pre-Load Dates and…Secrets


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  1. I like the Destiny companion app for inventory management but I believe it's also used as a way to duct tape features on to the game that they were too lazy to add. Clan management should be apart the game itself. Not in some app you have to download to another device to get access to it.

  2. Whats so cool about getting to preload a unplayable game first lol. It's not like theyll be able to play it first

  3. Broman and anyone that can tell me ,so i pre ordered D2 from the blizzard shop and idk if i am supposed to get a code do acess the early beta since i pre ordered i have it so ,but i went to bungie website and there it says that to those who pre ordered from blizzard shop will automatically have early acess to the beta which means im not receiving any code cause its already activated right?

  4. Dang, Xbox gets to preload the game first and all PS4 gets is an sniper with all 3 elementals. So not fair…

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