Destiny 2 Pre-Order Editions Explained!


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  1. Bro I've Been watching you since the Start and it's amazing how you're growing up so fast!! Let haters bitch, thats what they do cuz fuck the haters and keep up the good work !! <3 <3 <3

  2. Maniac, does the season pass give you just the first two DLCs or all of the DLCs. I'm just wondering because I got Destiny 2 base game which came with cold heart and it was £33. This was on the 28th October. Im contemplating on if I should get the expansion pass as I'm not sure if it covers the cost of all the DLCs or just the first two

  3. I just preordered the Digital Deluxe Edition for xbox one. And i already played the D2 beta. But i still haven't gotten the code for the digital deluxe edition. I got the beta code on the receipt from gamestop that's all i got

  4. all the dlcs will be free if i buy The game + expansion pass right? even the ones that come later correct me if im wrong

  5. I'm so excited about this game, when it comes I'm gonna upload tons lol…can't wait!!!

    Maybe you should check it out😉😂 Sorry I baited you

  6. Since when is trials of Osiris a expansion lmao wtf.. I'm never buy a deluxe edition from destiny.. Ya fuck up bungie.. Think your slick…

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