Destiny 2 PvP Tips – How To Improve Your Aim And Accuracy


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  1. How to improve your accuracy like this guy. Use the mida and last hope…… the two most aim assisted weapons in the game.

  2. Wow this info about pre-aiming and pre-shooting was no joke. I was bad at crucible but my last match I got 21 kills and 4.2 efficiency. Thank you!

  3. My question is. How many pro's/ hard core gamers actually run with their aim at the ground? Are you speaking to new players or people who consistently play. I'm pretty sure majority of players, that play fps games, generally aim at neck level. That is just something you learn from playing the game (or any fps game). Maybe you should rename the videos so that it pertains to people newer to the game or genre instead of seasoned players in the game. Just my thoughts! I didn't learn anything but I did get some good view points on how to improve on a genre that I have never played. Honestly I watched the whole video, but I think you should do a video to correlate with the watcher instead an general biased observation.

  4. subscribed, thanks the video!
    suggestion for a future vid – what are things Guardians can do in PVE to help with PVP. I know aim assist feels different in PVE/PVP and players don't generally stand around like the fallen. But for newbies PVP encounters can be… very short and potentially discouraging.

  5. Any suggestions for a gaming monitor that doesn’t break the bank? Currently use a 39 inch tv and some lag from my controller to tv gets under my skin sometimes

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