Destiny 2 PvP Tips – What Is The Best Sensitivity? Crucible Tips & Tricks


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  1. I used to play on 1 but switched to 10 in a match just for fun. That was D1 year 2. Now if I play on anything lower than 10 I have a huge problem rotating my camera and seeing things normally.

  2. It's 30fps. You need a high sensitivity otherwise it feels sluggish. I play and always have played destiny on 8!

  3. Biggest mistake I made in Destiny 1 was thinking its like every other FPS. I had the sensitivity at max and it was still slow for me.
    Then a guardian suggested I lower the sensitivity and aim for the head instead of just shooting. Worked for me so far.

  4. The game needs more options. Its 10 is like a cod 6. And it's far too slow. Bad shooter if it can't even have sensitivities most good gamers refuse to play without. Thank god for the PC version when it's out.

  5. lel since i played alot of cod before destiny and quickscoped an unhealthy amount of the time i did. even 10 sensitivity feels slow for me tbh.

  6. Hey BBK, do you have a Xbox profile? If so, would you mind friending me and trying to help me out with pvp? I'm not bad, but I use Uriel's and Mida and I'm not able to reach your level no matter what I do. Whatever your answer, thanks 😆
    Gt: UndoingBody04

  7. I adapt to any sensitivity in one game except for 2 and 1, but I feel that I do best with 5. I used to run 10 all the time but I switched in year 2 to 5, since I do best with it. The only reason I ran 10 in the first place was because I used 20/20 insane in COD Ghost and I seemed to do fine.

  8. I play on 6, always have cant get used to any other, usually hit 2.0 – 4.0 kd but thats because im sweet asf 😉

  9. Question about the top skill tree of voidwalker did they nerf the absorb your super for a stronger grenade ? Do I need to have my super ?

  10. I wish they split sensitivity into 2 categories on console. I like 3 sensitivity for ADS and 5 or 6 for sprinting and turning.

  11. I play on 8 on Black Ops 3 I think I played on 13 sensitivity. I meet a lot of strafing guys so I gotta keep up some way

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