Destiny 2 TOKENS HACK!! (1000 PER HOUR)


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  1. hack
    use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system

    not a hack. it is a glitch… math is a bit off as well. I am clocking about 20 seconds per run, so I get 9 per minute. 9×60=540, and I don't think it is physically possible to go much faster… you would have to collect the chest over 5 times per minute in order to get 1000 an hour.

  2. The glitch does not work anymore… to be right the glitch works if you mean collecting tokens, but the faction leader didn't give me anything but a brown colour when I redeem them… 1 week ago the faction leader gives me TONS of loot, now every time I give back tokens i receive just a colour for the vest!!

  3. Spoopy gang spoopy gang spoopy gang spoopy gang spoopy gang spoopy gang spent that glimmer on new mods gunsmith love give bullshit.

  4. I think they patched it because it's not working for me I have the Xbox one. Update right after didn't see the second ledge

  5. You have to wait like 15 minutes for the loot chest to reset and you can loot it again twice. It get’s old though waiting for it to reset

  6. the reason why people call console player console peasants… every video that I saw that the player was on console he has chosen Dead Orbit but on PC New Monarchy is winning…. I wonder why? may be cause people that play on console are peasants?!?

  7. It only gives you shaders once you get all the gear so you only need like 200 or so tokens. Also dead orbit? Nade launchers are trash

  8. I really want new monarchy to win. Want that sword. Still rolling dead orbit on hunter, just want the armor at this point. Screw that nade launcher

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