Destiny 2 – Vostok Map (Iron Temple), Download BETA, Secret Info, MORE!


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Free destiny2downloadbeta is ready for download

Destiny 2 – Vostok Map (Iron Temple), Download BETA, Secret Info, MORE!was extracted from


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  1. itwill be so cool if there is iron temple social space and you can watch a random crucible match from the social space

  2. since you have so much information (not being a smart ass) who is playing lord shaxx in D2
    he doesn't sound the same

  3. Go check out the tunnel at the actual iron banner temple. the tunnel is there. but its plastered with a rock face.

  4. I'm here in the UK with playstation and standard edition preorderd…
    can't search for it, can't find it…

  5. Gotta be that guy, but it looks the same to me. I'm probably gonna end up cancelling my pre order and waiting for a sale

  6. To all Playstation users:

    To download the Beta pre-install file, go to the PS store and search "Destiny 2 – Beta" or just "Beta". If you don't see it in the search results then look in the Free section of the store. Good luck!

  7. If you watch the warlock video you can see them clamber onto a bridge structure. Very interesting.

  8. I pre ordered d2 from Ye PlayStation 4 store. But I still can't download the beta. Will I eventually get an email????

  9. Question:so I entered the code that I got from GameStop a while back an I entered it in the bungie website an it said I'm good to go.How do I get the code to download the beta?

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