DESTINY 2 | Weekly Reset – New Powerful Gear, Milestones & Vendor Items (September 12th)


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  1. If you were trying to save Luminous engrams they decript on their own at the reset. You don't loose them. I panicked when I checked them this morning and they were gone.

  2. I love your videos but I literally have to replay the whole thing 10 times to catch everything you say. Slow the fuck down not everyone is from your neighborhood. 20 words per second is not helping us and I used to love British accent until I met your videos sigh easy on us were not all Shakespeares like urself.

  3. You guys are dumb to buy this expansion pack of destiny bungie fucked u guys again. I know all you must be salty grinding and getting a year one exotics that u already had instead of getting a new exotic. Fanboys are just blind

  4. Thought you may want to know… something I figured out since the update, the 3rd step on the Rat King challenge, it was crucible but I completed it via Strikes earlier today, not sure if it was always that way or it was changed with the update but figured you may want to know.

  5. Am i right in thinking the clan level can't level up until next week because of the xp cap for the clan being 100k but it's 125k to get level 2 done

  6. My clan XP got stuck at 15% even though we where pumping Events out, why didn't it work? I'm stuck on 290 for now, it's gonna be hard to grind it out considering luminous engrams only drop at 281

  7. Nice useful vid, but on a side note is there a single person watching YouTube now who doesn't know to "Like, comment, and subscribe" if they like a video? The day I watch a video where someone DOESNT say that will be the day I actually "like" a video.

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