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  1. Just found this, great vid Brother. Something that has always helped me for crit shots is that I feel like I'm aiming high. That's the best I can explain it.

  2. I don't have much desire to be great at crucible . All you do is kill guardians . Everyone using the same guns rocking mostly the same equipment trying to win. That's cool but PVE is where the real challenges are

  3. Love the teachings. Just wondering, How about aiming and getting shots when a target is moving left, right etc and jumping over you? This is my biggest issue with hand cannon

  4. You play 10 God i play 3 that's just out of order. How d you snipe mate or do you just go round scrubby ad plant a shotgun everywhere no clue?

  5. know this is an old video but watching this gameplay made me sick like it was the meta of the purest form and i find myself doubting your skill in this game whilst watching it. i dont watch often so im hoping to god that you dont play like this anymore because this is just disgusting

  6. as always, you're killing it with the videos and the "how to" segments are great and have helped me a ton. much appreciated

  7. until this day am still watching this video to get motivated,IMO this is the best video that you've ever posted on YouTube

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