Destiny Beta Codes Giveaway (Xbox One) [Closed]


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  1. The winners have been chosen. The giveaway is closed but stay tuned on my channel i might have another beta code giveaway coming soon. Congrats to the winners!

  2. I'm just like all of destiny the the action and campaign and the most impressive might be evolve at E3

  3. I am interested in Destiny mostly because it's a co-op shooter that I can play with my friends and I also like that there is a good amount of customization in the game to make your character really feel like your own unlike Borderlands.The game that impressed me the most at e3 this year would have 2 b Evolve because it looks fun as hell and it's something unique that doesn't look like any other game I've seen which I wish would happen more often.

  4. Gt: Echo239 3rdPlt pls I need a beta code, im excited to be a titan, uncharted 4 was awesome on e3 thanks man I subscribed btw

  5. Im looking forwad tothe mp of destiny.And best game shown at e3 was raimbow six siege with out a doubt.

  6. i really want this game because i really want to just shoot some fuckers in the face with a space gun and not give a fuck because destiny is badass. forza horizon 2 was the best looking game for me this e3 

  7. I cant wait to have a game similar to borderlands but with a halo twist, it brings out depth beyond any game can, also i really likes the division at E3. Thats going to be great. If i do win a code my email is thanks!!

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