Destiny (PS4) Unkillable Cheaters/Hackers in Trials Of Osiris (Lag switching?)


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Destiny (PS4) Unkillable Cheaters/Hackers in Trials Of Osiris (Lag switching?)was extracted from


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  1. Hey mate that's life you gotta grow up and move on cus we on yt don't give a shit about your probs bro and that's the hard cold truth ppl only listen to you if your big and they don't consider you a big person sorry bro

  2. If you have to cheat on such a trivially easy game like this, you really are a pathetic loser. It's a waste of money to buy games just to cheat on, like it's so dam life changing to brag about gear on a game..But then again all the cheaters I know never get laid, never work a real job so if this is all that gets them satisfaction in life, that's nothing to brag about.

  3. I recently started to play destiny and ran smack into this shit. There are way too many cheaters here and way too much lag switching. I stopped playing Delta Force because of all the cheaters on it. Bungie had better get their shit together or kiss off that 500 mil claimed invested. The way to get rid of these fuckers is actually simple. A player keeps "losing – lag switching" internet connection in a game; gets banned for a day; then a week until they fix it. This would also be with the number of complaints of cheating from other players and the log on how many hits the player took and didn't die or took a long time to die. I quit going to the free for all and saw this even worse there; even some teaming together and killing others. CAse in point one player ALWAYS found me even when I was in a room and watching the door; I get shot in the back and there was only a solid wall behind me. Then I watched his go invisible and fly away?? WTF…
    Now BUNGIE requires players to spend allot of money to buy the Taken king and deal with this shit?
    Finally appears I am not the only one since at my local GameStop there is a hell of allot of used Destiny games being resold; makes you wonder why?

  4. It's 2016 and this type of shit is even worse now.
    Back in the House of Wolves era it happened, but they used to be isolated cases, now this thing if getting out of control.
    Bungie should do something about it.

  5. Hmm well I went against some people last night, on this map in trials, the rotating things weren't there, they were dancing, I couldn't see my teammates "LastGuardianStanding" and then I went through those huge walls shaped like circles and I died, then everyone popped up and my teammates Destiny crashed.

  6. Break the hands from all the cheaters so that they can not play any more ow and if you see some 1 with the user name BLACKsniper_7 he is a cheater

  7. My stepson was playing pvp to get his 25 sword kills for the exotic sword quest. He ran into numerous cheaters. One guy had a grey 260 damage hand cannon that one hit him every time. grey weapons can't get that high in damage. He also had some sort of health regeneration. This crap needs to stop. that's why I don't play pvp it's a joke now

  8. My question is, why did all 3 of them get banned if only one of them was actually using the lag switch?

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