Destiny – Rise of Iron: How to get Splicer Keys and Splicer Intel Relays


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  1. Intel relays are nice cause you can also fight a pilot servitor on the ketch and get high light gear from the chest. My friend got a 367 dream eater vest.

  2. Thus far I've found the splicer key areas underwelming. The chests contains tiny amounts of materials most of the time and the axe either requires killing some/all the enemies to get to it (thus you have no targets to use it on) or is placed so far from the main fights that most of its fire has run out by the time you get it to some action. There are some fun exceptions of course: the one in The Blast is fun to use to take down the Walker that spawns there and the one in the fort where we disable the cannons has enough enemies to justify it. But most it's like "I have this lovely flaming axe and nothing to chop with it".

  3. So far all the chests i have opened have 2 spinmetal every time. Kind of makes a legendary quality key seem a bit unimpressive when the axe isn't that great solo when you can just use a gjallarhorn shot to deal with anything that would require an axe combo to kill easily. Kind of an underwhelming mechanic compared to the dreadnaught stuff like the skyburner beacon keys.

  4. So these keys and relays are only good for the Khvostov and for materials. Can they be used to get any other weapon, or is it too early to tell? Reason for asking is because I kept all 3 Khvostov's from day 1 of the game; you can see where I'm going from here…

  5. I got that exotic autorifle last night. I fought a bunch of fallen and a servitor with a lot of health on that giant ship to get my schematic. I'm going to be working on collecting the rest of the medallions needed to move my ghorn quest along

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