Destiny Rise of Iron | What Are Splicer Keys & How Do You Get Them?


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  1. The splicers do come by killing enemies soooo that explains on how we get them, but where to use them no clue right now for me.

  2. I think these splicer keys are how to get the strike specific loot. They stated we would get a key of some sort to open a chest and get the strike loot we choose. Making it a little nicer to gain specific items because you can hold it until you get a strike you would like an item from. Just a thought but i have a good feeling that will be the case as weve been told something very similar already

  3. Do we know how we activate Devil's Forge? Maybe the Splicer keys have something to with activating it, much like runes were used to activate the court of oryx?

  4. Splicer keys are prob like wormsinger runes.

    Just mini control puzzle/quests that are super exciting at launch.

  5. Lol did his teammate just tea bag him when making attempt to go through those barricaded lasers then died ???

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