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  1. Question: if i dont have the rise of iron expasion, can i still get the grasp of malok without a skeleton key??

  2. " Farming Guide " LMAO. click bait loser. You explain what the friking thing does not hot to farm them. Your a mess, BoBo

  3. You can also grind out the Legacy Strike play lst (level 20) opening a bunch of blues like 10-20 2 will be drop a purple which will be 3 light levels above you. My 2nd stike mission on level 20 I ended up getting 3 purples… I was doing most of the killing as well

  4. So, i did the level 20 undying mind strike to get the imago loop and the chest didn't spawn. So, do i have to do the 320 version of it for the chest to spawn?

  5. Thanks for the info DG… Appreciate your time an effort for all the helpful videos,,, keep up the great work an have a good one!!!

  6. Hey man, how did you like working on Breaking Bad? How is it being a star on Bojack Horseman. Say "Bitch".

    I'm saying you sound like AAron Paul.

  7. Does is have to be a strike playlist? or can I just keep queueing up for the strike I want.
    If it does have to be a playlist, does it have to be the heroic playlist?

  8. I did this strikes on 350 3 times and got it, and then I did it 10 more times and it didn't drop. Can you get more than one in a day???

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