Destiny The Taken King DOWNLOAD SIZE 18GB or more for XB1 and PS4 Xbox 360 and PS3 Smaller


FileSize: 26 MB

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Destiny The Taken King DOWNLOAD SIZE 18GB or more for XB1 and PS4 Xbox 360 and PS3 Smallerwas extracted from


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  1. I downloaded destiny on the 360 and after when im done downloading it, it says that i need a xbox 360 hard drive what does that mean

  2. for the PS4 I used my redeem codes for the taken long and expansion but the only thing downloading is the Destiny update but it says taken king installed but they didn't show any sign of downloading

  3. I haven't played Destiny yet, and was thinking of buying the taken king for my ps3. So can we play the game offline without having to download the 18 gb patch or not. I'm not concerned about online multiplayer, can worry about that later. Plz reply

  4. hey I got the taken king I'm looking for origins or the season pass on black ops 2 if u have season pass or origins text me my gamertag is
    : bigthunda1187
    kik: bigthunda187

  5. had same problem and contacted bungie and they said I have to pay to download the installation files and if it still won't download to go buy a new copy of destiny so I just threw it away. its not worth it to reebuy it and buy files again so it can't work. its a shitty game anyway. doom 3 bfg is way better then destiny and a lot cheaper and it works without having to pay extra for insrall files.

  6. It takes FOREVER to download the game content cuz I just got my Xbox one and I'm doing it right now and it's taking FOREVER

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