Destiny || Using The Right Aiming Sensitivity To Improve Aim


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  1. my tip is play at sensitivity 10, other then the fact that it's as fast as 4 in ever other shooter 10 is not as fast as you think, like everything it just takes time and practice and you will get used to it, I even snipe at 10

  2. This video made my day…always wanted to get decent with sniping was terrible. I"m finely getting decent results using a Longbow with decent perks…played around with sensitivity and I found 4 to 5 is perfect for me. 4 is preferred. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've always been a sidearm guy so this opens up a whole new play style that's not as aggressive. My kills are less but my K/D ratio is going thru the roof.

  3. Thank you! No one wants to talk about sensitivity for some reason! I use the noland beyond and use 4 sensitivity now, before i use to use 7 and I see a huge difference.

  4. Isn't there a risk that if you constantly keep changing your sensitivity depending on what special weapon you're using could potentially hurt your primary gunplay and movement?

  5. ur using 4 turning like that? or do u really mean use a kbm, bro… keep it real. you don't turn like that on 4 sensitivity, maybe on a fucking mouse…

  6. low sensitivity is the best for all shooting games like one notch under the default. the goal s to aim and be accurate not button mash on 10 sens.

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