Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Announcement Trailer

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  1. Watching this trailer after I completed the game. Still looks awesome, but you can see all the little things they've changed from there.

    Here are some of them, I've noticed (might contain SPOILERS):

    – Jensen running after Ivan, the augmented guy in the hoodie, the one, who has planted the bomb in Prague. Doesn't actually happen in the game, but you can still see him for a couple of seconds in the scene, when first meeting with Alex Vega.
    Also in the cinematic the bomb attack happens in the center of Prague, not in the train-station, like in the game.

    – Picus reporting on the bomb attack and showing photos of Ivan (whatever his last name is) and Victor Marchenko. Never happens in the game.

    – Victor Marchenko giving a speech to all the Augs, asking them to unite. Was done by Talos Rucker in the game.

    – The speech and the fight between Adam and Marchenko, that happens right after it, seems to be happening (now after the game's release) in Dvali's theather. At least the theather is still present in the game.

    Write what changes you've noticed down below

  2. Even though it doesn't say shit about the gameplay, this is my favorite trailer ever, just based on its amazing direction, and its soundtrack.

  3. Go buy this game with this crap denuvo and say bye bye to youir ssd drive. Nah thanks u won't get single penny from me.

  4. Just preordered today, now I gotta re-hype myself for Tuesday 😀 Unfortunately, that's the day after school starts. OH EIDOS WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO

  5. Hello SpongeBob……haters and hateress….I dnt care about ur opinions they're like garbage cans (everywhere)

    Am copping this mofo game and going missing for a few days bitches….

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