Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Part 36 – Eleven – Lets Play [Stealth Pacifist PC]

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  1. I suspected something was up with those residential towers as soon as you left the heli. My thought was they were gonna blow one them in a very controlled demolition to make it fall on the building where the meeting is held.

  2. If i remember correctly when you were at the GARM site in switzerland there was an email about champagne delivery. I guess they were using those bottles to transfer Orchid?
    Just watched till the end. Still it's nice they added that little detail.

  3. I know that one guy who kept mentioning it is probably gonna be really happy that you've lowered the energy cost of Smart Vision ^^

  4. 16:13 At this rate, I think we're going to have to do everything in the end. I mean, first locked doors and now explosive stairways. Seriously, do none of those guys in those team thought about using the air ducts or even drop in from the roof? 19:57 For once since a long time in this game, Odd has managed to complete a stage without being revealed by accident and the whole thing has gone through smoothly. 21:09 Oh no, Miller better not be in any sort of trouble, he's the one who can probably get everyone in the taskforce to keep acts together at this point. 27:27 Damn… 27:32 Well, I guess it's official that Jensen's lenses retract whenever he's in some kind of emotional distress. 28:50 Damn everything to Hell! They are already giving them to the guests! 29:06 Is this son of ^%$& serious?! That's their bloody Plan B? If we manage to stop the guests from getting poisoned, he's going to bomb the building next door? Where none of the people is even involve in this whole Safe Harbour business. That's low! 29:39 $%$&*^#$@$ CHRISTOPHERODD!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? NOW???!!! OF ALL MOMENTS YOU CAN PICK TO STOP THE VIDEO!!! YOU STOP IT NOW???

  5. Christopper , you have an awesome weapon called stun gun , which lets you take out multiple targets at close range, why you never use it ?

  6. it seems that overthinking while playing xcom has affected your ability to react and act quickly. you could have just tranqulized both guard and civilian in the toilet.

  7. Is it a bad sign that my first thought seeing those Helix-Buildgs was, with a well placed bomb you could get them to crash into the Target Area? Probably easier access too.

  8. You can save both of them by saving Nathaniel brown if you do it quick enough you can save those 4000 people. Rennet do it quick

  9. do you think the two civilians would have noticed if you had taken out the guard in the toilet? they might just have walked away.

  10. you're more thorough again!! much better 🙂 much much better! thanks for listening to the suggestions!

  11. Hey Mr. Odd seems the take downs and remote hacks dain biocell to where it doesn't recharge. I guess it would be better to use the emp rounds on cameras/bots and tranqe/stun the ground units in most cases where you have more time to set things up.

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