Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – How To Find Your Redeemed DLC Items

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  1. Thanks for the vid tutorial. I couldn't figure out where my purchased PRAXIS was either. Still don't know where the two downloaded 'packs' are, though. Maybe DemonicWinna could instruct us on finding those. Thanks in advance.

  2. Has anyone found out how to pull up the storage if it's not in the inventory? This is driving me crazy

  3. I can't even access storage to get anyting. Keep pressing LT on the controller and nothing. LT working on the game play but not accessing storage. It ridiculous. Anyone experiencing this problem?

  4. i truly love this game and I get it, it doesn't hold your hand. But I have to say that it doesn't make a great job at making u familiarise with game mechanics and interface. And i mean i am a big souls fan so i was not expecting uncharted here 😉 In this case you truly have to google and i did not wanna do it because i hate spoilers so glad i came across this looking for something else and i clicked!

  5. I'm not having trouble with any of the coats and extra mission download. But i can not pull up my left trigger inventory to obtain my praxis kits (micro transaction). I to bought a pack of 10 any suggestions?

  6. Seriously dude… When you land after making a new save there's a obvious marker for the guide (also a tooltip pops up telling you how to access items).

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