Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on a $375 PC – Budget PC vs PS4 – The Potato Masher

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  1. I think you should make clear that it's a 350 $ PC with used components, so, it compares to whatever price a used PS4 cost in 2014. I love the project, though!!

  2. Your videos have helped me develop a standard in graphics as well how you've talked in with this video over the past year and I can run games at higher settings which make them look good. love your videos keep it up! Been subbed since you had only maybe I think 5k subs or 7ksubs if not lower

  3. Im very glad that I upgraded from my gtx 760 to an rx 470 before deus ex came out. Im easily hitting high 50's to 60 fps on high at 1080p.

  4. Hooray for HD testing! Thank you for taking the suggestion into account! 🙂
    P.S. Of course 720P looks awful on a 1080P display, but around 1/3 gamers use a NATIVE HD display, where it'll look much better. Just sayin'.

  5. Okay I need major help. I built almost the same rig as the masher but I added another 4 gig stick and instead of buying the branded motherboard I bought a generic motherboard and the performance has been TERRIBLE I tried playing Gta V I get horrible fps and stutters on all settings. I tried playing the Battlefield 1 beta, I get the same performance on medium than I do on low and it's both horrible fps with lots of stuttering. I tried playing Blops 3, same thing. CsGo I get about 130 fps and certain games work fine but I feel as if the performance I'm getting isn't reflecting the actaul power of the pc! I really need help!

  6. Does this game use dx12? And if so, would it perform better on AMD cards? Also maybe the game is just not optimized properly for the PC hardware? (I say this comparing it to other games, as it doesn't look that graphically advanced to say the witcher 3 or crisis 3)

  7. my pc I'm gonna build for Christmas has an i5 4690 quadcore clocked at 3.5 ghz 8 gb of ram and a gtx 750ti will it perform better, worse or the same as the potato masher

  8. This series is simply incredible. I've seen a bunch of videos advocating either PC or Console for gaming, but you are the first I've seen where I truly believe you are approaching it from an unbiased stand point. You aren't using generalized responses like "The PC is more configurable" or "The PS4 just works!" You are giving us specific 1:1 (or as close as possible) comparisons, and aren't afraid to call out EITHER platform when they fall short.

  9. I dunno if someone else has said this but in regards to your preparation for the Neo, instead of preparing a whole new PC you could prepare an upgrade to the PC, this being on of the advantages of PC…

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