Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [Part 11] – Bank Heist

Filename: deusexmankinddividedhacking.exe

FileSize: 29 MB

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  1. Mr. Cox, you are the only let's player who can be so pedantic about finding everything and yet still manage to miss the blindingly obvious.

    Don't stop the clench, it makes you unique. Keep being you Tharon.

  2. Only Jesse would go through the process of robbing a bank and come out with the power to walk through electricity. 2 things that have no relation to each other.

  3. Jesse, just so you know for future, you can "persuade", get the XP and then still work with him / do his mission. :)

  4. Jesse…. you had access to the corporate vault! One of those elevator keycards let you use it and you left it behind!

  5. LEVEL 1 LOCK?!?! OH SHIT QUICK GET THE MULTI-TOOL!!!!! LEVEL 5 LOCK?!?! well cant do nothin bout that better walk away

  6. Man Jesse, Miller could have been really excited for that camping trip to relieve some stress and you just jacked his longsword and ammo, wtf lol

  7. I'm really curious Jesse, why do you insist con clicking things in games, when their hotkey shortcuts are blatantly obvious? Not trying to be an asshole fan, just honestly curious as to why you chose one method over another.

  8. I do love how Jesse forgets he can use Smart Vision to see people through walls (to see what direction they're facing, for example) and now uses it exclusively for looting and exploration.

  9. With all that Praxis, he could have made himself invisible, gained remote hacking, increased the size of inventory. But what did he spend it on? Making himself Jessie-proof.

    …that's probably the smartest choice. But seriously, look into remote hacking when you get a chance-just remember to shut off nanoblades or something you won't be using.

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