Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [Part 12] – HACK THE PLANET!

Filename: deusexmankinddividedhacking.exe

FileSize: 27 MB

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  1. ( 36:11 ) Didn't he just turn the lasers 'ON' ?

    To be honest, that interface is kinda crap, really. maybe it's just me, but I expect that when I set a slider/button to ON or OPEN, that the thing in question will be ON/OPEN, not backward.
    In this game, half the time the 'text' on the thing will say 'closed' while the slider on saying 'open'.

  2. The guy at 52:10 seemed to pull an opened drink out of his pocket. Now, I'm no expert on Czech culture, but that's pretty weird, huh?

  3. Jesse, this is cryptic to avoid spoilers, but if you follow, all of your preconceptions will be changed.
    When you are inside the objective, after sending data to a hacker, but cut off from the rest of the outside world, look in the windows of the boxes stored within the room. There will be no markers, even with smart vision. But you can gaze through the glass with the light of an EMP grenade.

  4. Fucking sniper rifle is worth nothing and Jesse will never use it. He should probably even drop the tranquilizer rifle too, it's not worth it either.

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