Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Part 5 – Let’s Play Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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  1. I like exploring. Others might not but this is really interesting part of this game . :-)

  2. erm the civil war Splatt! you heard of it broseth? That's what happens when states try and leave the Union!

  3. It's okay Splat, he'll get better! The farts will still be as potent, just, not as often (from the girl with an 11yr old poodle)

  4. That cop at 3:30, I love her, she's cool. Reminds me of Doctor Who one of the newer episodes "It's not paranoia if it's real"

  5. if you love hackin solftware splatterCat then you should go out of this room on a shelf are 3 parts of hacksoft hidden on top. the last room you where just outside where the shelf is blockin and you had to crawl through.

  6. Hey Splatt. If you are in prague than you are in Czech republic 😀 Its actually my land 😀 The Kazatel guy, his name probably isn't Kazatel cuz it's czech word for Preacher, same as Policie is our Police. Its nice to see they left some specs untranslated, makes me feel nice 😀 Especially to hear you reading some czech names :D

  7. he might be allergic to the food he's eating. my bulldog had terrible farts until we realized that he is allergic to chicken which is in(at least in some form) in nearly every dog food. Another thing that might b wrong with winstonian is that he is probably nervous. He will probably get used to it soon enough but he was just taken away from the only family he'd ever known. Although i think it is most likely a food allergy. Please Splatt fans thumbs up this comment so that Splatt can see the information he needs in order to not die from bulldog gas.

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