Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Part 7 – Let’s Play Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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  1. Oh dammit! You stopped playing?? I subscribed just for this series. I was watching a few streams of people playing and they always gave up after discovering they had new AUGs… always saying this game is too slow for them. The story was getting good… welp, unsubscribed.

  2. +SplatterCatGaming When will upload a new episode? You're doing great for this game than others I think. I like it when you explore the area.

  3. I hope he realizes that these episodes should be like 35-45 mins a peice considering that these episodes are him doing basically nothing, not even side quest for at least 10-12 mins give or take. so it would only be fair to extend the videos by 15 mins

  4. I think you can disable normal augs and re-enable them later on or turn the special off permanently. Remote hack can open the window shutters.

  5. Said assasinate and president in the same sentance too many times. Youve been tagged by the nsa now. Good lick with that splat. XD

  6. Unrelated. The first 8 minutes of a fan made 3D WH40K movie Lord Inquisitor has been released. The dub lip synching is iffy since the original seems to be German.

  7. Hey Splattercat, is there any way to make these episodes longer? This is a game where you could spend 10 minutes exploring one room, so it seems like 30-35 minute videos would work better in terms of per-video progression.

  8. Yo,Splattercat UHHHHH..I dont know how to ask but if you want,you dont have to but if you want to can you PLZ start a game on "State of decay". Thank you Splattercat for reading this coment and stay AWESOME! ;-)

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