Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC – Part 3 – Let’s Play Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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  1. @0:33 The Walther PPK that Bond carried back in the Sean Connery days would have been chambered for what we now call .380 ACP. Which is… substantially less powerful than the 10mm Auto that you've got there.

  2. Goddamn splatter is just incompetent as fuck.

    Sometimes I feel like these let's players' job is to make viewers feel so frustrated that they'll go and buy the game themselves to get it done right.

    >fiddling with elevator controls when he could have just jumped down
    >whuh why is it my fault when the agent died?

  3. The elevator shaft is a shortcut which you can take by breaking through the wall behind the crate in the caged room full of lockers. You fall down and use the panel on the ceiling to bypass a long section of the mission.

  4. I'm surprised the splatt hasn't thought of throwing the various throwables to get the attention of people to take them down easier

  5. Lol they are mad because you didnt do the side objective of saving singh, because you where to slow on the elevator. But im sure you already know that now.

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