DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED SONG – The Natural Heart by Miracle Of Sound

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  1. I played the demo at GamesCom, but somehow your graphics turn out to be better than this half-finished thing I went through. How did you do this?
    Anyway, great song, keep it up!

  2. Can you guys do something for the MCU movies and series like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Agent Carter or Agents of SHIELD?

  3. Im more hyped for Gav's Dishonored 2 song then actual game. Which,
    considered how much Im looking forward to it, is hell of a achievment

  4. Amazing lyrics! Beautiful, poetic and full of references (as the game itself)… My favorite is the Icarus thing.
    Oh, and I love the calls to the previous Deus Ex song. The acknowledgement of being a part of a bigger story adds even more depth to it.

  5. anyone agree that this level of racism wouldn't happen anymore. not on this scale. people might feel paranoid, but not the goverment against a group.

  6. You sir, are an amazing artist. Not to be impertinent or anything, but have you ever considered doing a tribute to The Crow? I have a funny feeling whatever you came up with would be awesome

  7. It. Is. AWESOME!Your songs are really masterpieces, you make people get acquainted with the games (films, serials, whatever) they never seemed to explore so close. You find the very Soul of the subject and show it completely opened like a brilliant instead of an unpolished stone. It`s a huge talent and damn hard work. Thanks to you I opened many worlds that completely worth to be known (melody of Journey made me flown away so far xD).I appreciate you for your being with us, and my respect to you is really endless.Keep on and have the best of this life!

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