Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Theme “Epic Metal” Cover (Little V)

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer Theme “Epic Metal” Cover (Little V)was extracted from


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  1. This is such an epic cover. Chills every time! I've been listening to it every day leading to Mankind Divided.

    Would you mind covering First and Last from Human Revolution? It's my fav song in the game and I'd share it in my Deus Ex community as I did with this and Icarus.

    Btw, we're the largest Deus Ex fan community on FB!

    We'd love to have you there!

  2. I've struck a block pretty hard quite recently. Struggling to move the pen across the paper, if and you know what I mean. But after binging on your work, and seeing the passion behind its craft, I'm finding myself a bit less enervated. Trying not to make this sound overly personal, but I need to say thanks. Inspiration is a gem when the well has run dry.

  3. lighting the cigarette I once thought original track was already awesome… Now look at it. )

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