Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – What the Hype?

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  1. The new one is not great when you beat it you need to redo the whole game again because there's on freemode

  2. Not gonna lie the major deal breaker for me in Deus Ex was the music. Icarus is an amazing track up there with top tier Hans Zimmer.

  3. Hype? There´s basically zero to none "hype" about this game…. You should google the definition of the word :)

  4. Im going to be going a mix up run of my first playthrough. I prefer to knock my targets out but if Im caught, the gloves come off and its full force.

  5. you look at a game like this then look at fallout 4 and relise fallout 4 was just a cash grab as it looks like a 12 year old game hell the diolog don't even match the charicters animations

  6. Human Revolution is still one of my favorite games.. I've had the collector's edition of Mankind Divided pre-ordered since October.

  7. I really hope the games go all the way to the original Game and then of course the reboot of that dinasou, and maybe one day it will be more open world. Ive always wanted a duturisic open world like GTA but in the future so like the Fifth Element is what I'm picturing one day or atleast the Deus Ex Equivalent with Controllable vehicles and vertical traffic lanes or stackd lanes, One lane top another guided by lights, cars that can go hover or go by wheel.I want games to be more like games. I love a good story but I love building my own sttoyr that much better. Dark Souls has a foundation for something like that but in very other RPG there are always quest givers and shit instead of just You, controller, and your character in a living world or a world as alive with multiple systems and echo syetsm, etc as possible as well as tracking your morality, karma, friends rivals enemies, etc so the game feels like a single player MMO without all the bullshit that comes from MMOs (they all suck and break immersion. I rather play a SIngle player campaign with smart A.I. and have it be a game where the story can end 100 hours in or 20 hours in epdning on wheter or not I choose to mess around and slaughter entire towns and villages or ROLEPLAY.APOLOGIEZE for the bad writing and misspelling. I don't like to spend too much time typing on her so I type fast to get it over with quick and get my opinion across cuz I feel strongly about it but have shit to do.

  8. I still hate how they never animate interactions with Doors and switches or picking items up. Seing a hand interact with something rather than clicking and showing nothing. Also seeing your legs makes me feel more like a charter and not a gun on a stick swivel.

  9. you can kill, neutralize or ghost and talk your way thru the game withur garming a person. No mandatory set piece fights. everything is up to you.

  10. love this game to death but it seems the hardest thing about this game is the pronunciation of it's name lmfao. All jokes aside Deus is latin for "God" and he technically is saying it right, but fuck that! DAY-US!

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