Diablo 3 HACKED – Patch 1.08 Gold Dupe Exploit

Diablo 3 HACKED - Patch 1.08 Gold Dupe Exploit

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  1. want 100 million golds in 15minutes? get the secret from –> thediablo3crack.blogspot.com <-- sharing it with others if this worked!

  2. That is from the collectors edition of Diablo 3. They also have some different wings, more like bones or something, that came from the collectors ediditon of starcraft 2 heart of the swarm.

  3. Blizzard hasnt bothered to remove the 2 billion cap and as of may 15th item values have collapsed escpecially in RMAH items that made likes of kingkongor godly before for example his mempo costs roughly 15 euro with the exact same statistics thanks to this massive inflation tens and hundreds of billions are tossed around for example, I just lost a bid for 5 billion for a mempo on same mempo in GAH the same mempo is being offered in RMAH is being offered at lower prices. they are forcing RMAH.

  4. I’m not going to disagree. But, many other games, even ones such as Diablo 2 had alternative venues to sell/trade the highest end items other than the basic means provided by the game. As finding someone that wants, needs, and can afford these top notch items is tough. Such as the 14b weapon Kongor bought, how many others have 14b? Maybe 1000 people outta 100000 if not more? So sure the AH does not accomodate all levels of items to sell/buy but does not mean the economy is FUBAR. Especially EU.

  5. welp diablo 3 in either US or EU is FUBAR now the economy is shit regardless of the region odd that the cap for GAH is still 2 billion odd enough when in reality high quality items sell for 100 B now even in EU KingKongor bought a awesome echoing fury for 14 B it was lots of money back then but not now

    so in the end the game is screwed thanks to this glitch, 3rd party sites and botters game is practically unplayable now thanks to above.

    at least the game isn’t a auction house simulator anymore

  6. I agree. Over some amount of time things should even themselves out somewhat which sorta depends on how many people continue to play/start playing on the US servers. But even when that days comes a week away or month, it still effected everyone that played not just gold sellers.

  7. If it can’t be selled for new price – price will go down. If it can be selled, then no problem – just sell things for new price.

  8. So far things aren’t changing for the better. But ya hopefully it does turn around eventually. As this is a huge buzzkill for the game.

  9. Nobody hurt by the gold dupe, except Goldsellers…. Do you even think before you speak? The economy is screwed. Items that cost 1bil now cost 2bil on AH. Same with alot of other items. Price has inflated alot. And thats fine, if you enjoy having shitty gear, and never selling anything EVER, thats cool. But 99% of the community enjoys getting better gear, and finding stuff they can sell.

  10. Nobody hurt by gold dupers expet goldsellers. Stop talking this bullshit. And we dont need any rollbacks. I never used RMAH and i dont care about some people getting trillions. I’m just leveling my wizard and want to see sweet paragon level 100 border on my character portrait.

  11. May have said it wrong. But ya its way cheaper now. Used to be 5cents per million. And after its around half a cent per million.

  12. .25 has been the price for awhile. long before the gold dupe. regardless this awesome game was ruined with the real money AH and if you understand all about how it ruins the game you would agree. Never should of put it in.

  13. Not 100% sure on this. But I believe hes meaning something on the lines of this. In 1 day a glitch that players exloited killed the game.. ALSO known as PK(Player Kill). a Term used a lot in Diablo 2.

  14. Its actually not that difficult of a process. Just takes time. I’ll be doing another video about this today or tommorow. Going over some of the updates and my thoughts and such.

  15. I hope they get all the exploiters, and ban them. Of course it takes less than 5 minutes to change ip address, so Blizzard will sell some more games to the people that got banned and they will be back in less than an instant. Unfortunate but true. Shouldn’t cheat, makes life miserable for others.

  16. maybe they did buff champs in act 3 they never tell us shit but yo shit me up sometime kaybo49#1125

  17. Ah man. Ya dude that really sucks. Happening to a lot of people. Since I am a casual player, my gear really sucks and sniped it and penny pinched all the way. lol. But probably worth stupid amounts now. But the new players are really getting the short end of the stick. If anyone decides to start playing now.

  18. i logged on today after the after math and got offered 10 trillion gold for my monk granted im in the top 100 but still i sickened by the well over 1k hours invested into my monk alone and it to come to a 1day glitch pk sicken d!

  19. Exactly. Now I am not sure the deal, but ya I normally only seen 3 maybe 4 in there. And literally seen 7. and Ive seen 5-6 a few times since. So maybe they messed up and buffed everything? Not sure. But im cool with it

  20. Ya this was US only. Gladly for all the other regions, it got fixed before the new patch ever went live.

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