Diablo 3-like Games for iOS: Hack and Slash RPGs!

Diablo 3-like Games for iOS: Hack and Slash RPGs!

Miss AppJudgment? Check out Tech Feed for more app news & reviews: http://vid.io/xoz Diablo 3 is the game to play if you’re a PC gamer right now. But what ab…
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diablo 3 hack and slash 2013


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  1. I agree with you.I’m a huge fan of DH series,but the third one was a huge dissapointment.I remember the last December,can’t wait for the release.Bought it,and I was like:WTF?!Still play the second one,though.

  2. you should try dungeon hunter 2, to me it feels more closer to diablo and its better than dungeon hunter 3, well thats my opinion

  3. #1 is sooooo addicting just got it. (Lol Im an iOS gamer who is basically IB2 4 life so finding another game was cool)

  4. Why do almost every single ios game I know is TOO FUCKING CUTE? I’m sick of this faggotry. It’s a great platform and very few are the games that do not rely on this bullshit cutsie Apple-like hipster art style.

  5. Not a single one of these is like diablo 3 outside of hack and slash. All of these are more about the combat than rpg elements.

  6. Look what i found guys working iphone games hacks at: bit.ly/PrdX0I?=rdhrdh
    The hacks are new and unused!
    Enjoy it!

  7. Dungeon hunter 3 and devildark are not good alternatives. If you want some better options,try pocket RPG if you want more of a. pick up and play experience. If you want something more robust,go with the soulcraft open beta.

  8. I watched a video where a guy was playing Age of Empires III with this app called Splashtop.

  9. Dungeon hunter 3 is too costly with the iap’s and not even cydia’s iap cracker could bypass the security so theres no hacking it :c but if youre gonna buy dungeon hunter buy one of the firts 2 and try underworld

  10. ick.

    the main problem why these games suck so much is the virtual gamepads they use.
    why not just make it so you tap to go where you want and have a quickbar along the bottom? it’s what I want in an iOS RPG

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