Diablo III – Gige using bots and hacking accounts.

Diablo III - Gige using bots and hacking accounts.

This is a video of a hacker logging into peoples accounts and stealing all their items. There is a discussion regarding this video on reddit. http://www.redd…
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  1. Yes, unfortunately it can be hacked and transfered off your account. Your best bet is to contact Blizzard. They can resolve this issue, they will likely need the original game code or your id and it can take a few days. But they will be able to have your character restored.

  2. Can your diablo 3 account be hacked, separated from your battle.net account and sold? I’m missing my diablo 3 account. it only shows up as a starter edition on my battle.net account…yet i got it as a deal for a year subscription to wow and leveled a character to 60 and killed butcher in inferno. now it’s missing. Thoughts?

  3. The chances of that program working are about 0%. The chances of it coming with a key logger or a trojan are 150%. Do not download it.

  4. This guy is doing the same thing to me. Making thoughtless comments that insult people then trying to spin it off as if nobody in the world would ever be offended by it. xChrisBoutlerx is the definition of douche.

  5. Holy, a little slow to watch but very interesting. 60 Million gold an hour. That blows my mind. Blizzard definitely needs to fix that stuff. Also I kinda want that frostmore sword he showed at the begin. lol. 🙂

  6. I just saw this interview, thought you might like to check it out. Just for lulz 😀

  7. I had a digital copy. I got a few messages of people suspecting the hacking had something to do with the digital copies. But it don’t matter too much. Evidentially that is not the case. Anyway yeah, thanks.

  8. On a completely friendly note your account that got hacked was it a digital copy of the game?

  9. I would also like to point out that I never once said that all the hackers come from China, I merely implored that you find somebody that isn’t. Your assumptions of me are almost entirely false, and if you really can get so worked up over a simple youtube comment, then I really don’t know why I have bothered with you for this long in the first place. Also, it’s douche bag, you illiterate fuck.

  10. How little I know about hacking? Your claim is that they are keylogging from phishing scams…How on earth are so many people getting hacked if it were from keyloggers? Why is it, then, that I still don’t own an authenticator, never removed any viruses or spyware (because I was still clean) and yet never got hacked again after my password change? Your feeble attempts at condescension are laughable. Don’t try to put yourself on a soapbox, because you still can barely form an argument.

  11. My most humble of apologies.
    However, it is important to note that the majority of the cases of accounts being hacked were executed by people from China, I do not mean to sound racist in saying this, but it is the truth. There was a large group of seemingly cooperative hackers stealing accounts through Blizzards own security flaws. It just happened to be the case that they were from China. Perhaps I was too quick to comment, but it was immediately after getting hacked by a Chinese person.

  12. So you want a gold seller with an IP not in China. Here Its in New Jersey. The hacking occurring in this video is little more then running a keylogger and loggin into peoples accounts. All ethnicities are capable of doing this. Now I’m going to blow your mind. Back in the days of Diablo 2 I had a friend who did this just cause… Imagine that a Canadian hacking. What has this world come to when you can’t profile an entire race just because you’re a douche and not get called out.

  13. Bro, you made a retarded racist comment. And in subsequent comments you confirmed just how little you know about hacking and how things work in general. Banning the game in China is by far the most retarded resolution to hacking I’ve ever heard. Its so dumb that I’m having a hard time accepting it as anything other then trolling. Its so dumb I was actually embarrassed it was the top comment on my video. Its so ridiculously dumb that even though you’re a douche I’m still embarrassed for you.

  14. lol that guy is a close minded dumb ass i cant believe he thinks all the hackers hail from china…

  15. Bro, I made a simple comment, if you really have such a hard time hearing other peoples opinions, then maybe the internet isn’t right for you. I still implore you to find anybody that is a confirmed hacker/gold seller that doesn’t have an IP originating from China. If, and only IF, you can do that, I will apologize, therefore increasing your e-penis size by at least 3″. Until then, you are still just some Napoleonic asocialite that barely knows how to string a sentence together.

  16. Do you actually think all hackers are Chinese?… That in its self is retarded. But even if it was true. (Which it isn’t) think about this. Use some logic. If you ban the game in China do you actually believe hacking would cease? Absolutely not. Why? Because money still can be made from hacking and the hackers could easily do if here on our servers. Which is, clearly, already happening. So back to the point. Banning the game in China is stupid and you’re still a douche.

  17. Actually, what you are saying is inherently false, look it up, because I’m not bothering with your idiocy. Also, I dare you to show me on of the confirmed hackers that didn’t originate from China. I am no racist, however I am also not blind or misinformed, which is more than can be said for you.

  18. You’re a douce bag and your comment is both racist and stupid. Banning the game in China would resolve nothing. The four main regions run on completely separate servers. This hacking is occurring on North American servers. The gold is NOT being transferred cross regions. Its being stolen from North Americans, likely by North Americans, and then is sold back to North Americans. Even if it was Chinese people hacking how would banning China prevent hackers from logging into North American servers?

  19. Conspiracy Keanu: What if blizzard let their staff hack our accounts, just so we’re forced to buy the authenticators =O

  20. The thing is that he’s not hacking them, those are probably accounts that he got from Phishing scams

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