1. Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon; Now matter how
    well I play chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap
    on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious. I hope this string of
    comments provides someone with some entertainment at your expense. Please
    continue to rant and assume you’ve won something once I’m gone. It will add
    to the comic effect of these messages. I’m done here.

  2. I grasp a wide range of dialects of English from british, to hillbilly, and
    even some ebonics, but this specimen is beyond me. Is there anyone out
    there that speaks cretin and can comprehend what this idiot is trying to

  3. It’s simple. He’s stating that stardock(the company) has had a long history
    of making shiny, but shitty products(like Apple). From this he can infer
    that this product too is very likely to suck without actually trying it.

  4. That or they don’t want to throw money in the trash when there are better,
    lighter, and open options for free. Anything from stardock is notorious for
    being bloated and slow… but you would know this if you were anything
    similar to a “tech”. Referring to metro as a boot-loader was the nail in
    the coffin for your channel.

  5. You did. The question was: ‘Why not support the developers if it costs only
    $5?’ And your answer was ‘Because Stardocks sucks’. See the problem? He
    didn’t ask ‘Why not to download it?’. Besides, if you didn’t install it,
    how would you know it sucks? Just taking a peek at the program somewhere
    was enough for you to form such a definitive negative opinion on it?

  6. But Classic Shell is better because it’s free to use and has more
    customization options than a lot of other start menu software. And the
    Classic Shell start menu looks like the real Windows XP start menu. My
    second choice is Start Menu 7 which also works on Windows 8. Andrea Borman.

  7. Hi Andrea, I was hoping to build a community on that forum, but I ended up
    doing all the posting and helping which took a lot of time, so I have taken
    it down until I decide what to do with it. I am in the process of revamping
    my site, but everything takes so much time.

  8. lol i am not usein windows 8 nomore so y wood i want two support windows 8
    and the developers when i think the Start8 is a good program but we do not
    want 2 pay money 4 it when i did not pay two use windows 8 lol

  9. OK, my bad. Can you let me know if you ever find an activator for Windows 8
    Enterprise 9200? I can see that yours is not activated either.

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