Divinity: Original Sin 2 Alpha – Thorough Analysis of RPG system changes

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  1. A lot less hyped for this game after seeing the stats and attributes.
    The funnest part of an rpg is spending points and getting really strong with your build.
    Now build is meaningless…..

  2. 45:10 good up till that point….
    How is character variety feminism? What if someone wants to play an older mage women like flemeth from dragon age?
    Ask yourself if you are annoyed at older male chars?

  3. I really hope the right DOS2 devs watch this, your vids on DOS1 & EE clearly show you know exactly what you are talking about. The game is just poorly balanced (sure this one is alpha, but DOS:EE is also a bit broken). I really hope they take a good look at how "hardcore" players try and continue to break the game by minmaxing the sh*t out of everything, so they can counteract broken builds and strategies. I really like them cutting down on the action points to 6 though, definitely a good change imo.

    The tragedy is that you can still absolutely f*ck up your char by investing points in suboptimal stats. You still just have to throw all your points into two stats and maybe get a minimum amount in another stat to meet some arbitrary lower limit in order to use "X" and boom you're done. What's the point of giving players the freedom to shape and experiment with character builds if the overwhelming majority of builds is completely inferior to just a handful of very simplistic builds and archetypes.

    I don't really know how to properly balance games but perhaps there should simply be some bonus or penalty in order to counteract what one may call "Fachidiotie". A german word that describes being an expert in a singular skill or field while being a complete moron in just about everything else.

  4. I appreciate the usual comprehensive commentary but… This is very long: it would help if you had some sort of menu or table of contents in the description so we know where to skip to without having to watch the entire video.

  5. So far the new system is a rather disappointing development. Thank you for this systematic review. It is indeed unlikely that Larian will hear your voice of harsh reason amid all this let's play hype around alfa, but yes, at least you tried.

  6. Ты текст подготавливаешь или свободно на английском свободно говоришь ?

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