Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Early Access Announcement Trailer

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  1. How the FUCK did Larian, a rather unknown studio known for the rather niche Divinity Diablo clones, manage to do what literally EVERY Isometric RPG maker has been trying to do since the inception of the genre? ANd then they went BEYOND by adding a tabletop pen and paper RPG simulator ON TOP OF IT, even FURTHER realizing every RPG developers one true dream: The ultimate visualization of what is in our imaginations when you roll dice at a table. If they continue development on the DM mode side of things post release, adding more assets, special effects, custom rules flexibility… We can all finally toss our D&D books in the garbage because we'll have the true ultimate D&D experience right here, in the palm of our hands.

  2. I love Original sin but I have a little question. Are you planning an real Divinity 2 Ego Draconis continuation in the Style of Divinity 2? I mean Damian lives and we all want to play the Dragon Knight again . I love Original sin yes but Divinity 2 was my first real RPG and I love that game so much that I can't describe it. I hope in the future when you have the medium for this game you will make but I can understand when you say that you do not want to make this game. That's why my question. Is an Divinity 2 continuation in planning and when yes will it have the sames Style how it?

  3. This would be the perfect family game, if you have a wife, a son, and a daughter. Awesome family adventure!

  4. The developer was robbed in 2014 for GOTY…though the missions were insanely hard to figure out, think I used an online guide for almost all missions! Just don't have the time to 'pixel hunt'…does the sequel fix that problem??

  5. @LarianStudios Since Original Sin 2 is on its way, any plans to put the first game into sale so more people could get into the series? 🙂

  6. Good to see that they are making another one of Original sins, shame though that I could not beat the first game so have to pass this one.

  7. Could anyone please answer a question of mine? Was there a kickstarter in-game goodie for those who supported it. I am not talking about the soundtrack or printed maps or copies but about in-game equipment like a limited unique armor. Thanks in advance :).

  8. I wonder if they'll include the campaign in this or if it'll just be the the other portions of the game, saving the campaign for release.

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