Divinity Original Sin 2 *Multiplayer* – 1. Shipwrecked – Let’s Play Divinity Original Sin 2

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  1. Mr Aavak, can we get a LP of the first one after you finish the first act? Would love to see it because your commentary is amazing and your co-op partners as great company to listen to as well

  2. 9:30 I think you missed somethin in the first game. You were a source hunter, not a sourcerer. People think the same about sourcerers here as they did in the first game.

  3. 9:23 – in the first game you were source hunters, tasked with hunting down sourcerers. sourcery was forbidden by law and deemed unholy.

  4. I'd love to see a four player co-op series on this, or at least a stream, with, say, Aavak, the Lady Shelab, and some others. EE? MetaSelene? The possibilities are endless!

  5. I really liked the first Divinity: Original Sin and can't wait for the shenanigans between you two with this new series.

  6. Another cooperation between Aavak and Lady Shelab, I approve, you two are so entertaining and enjoyable together I enjoy watching your content almost regardless of the game you're playing.

  7. I'm just imagining a virtual room where Aavak keeps all the virtual spoons he's stolen and another one in real life with all the real spoons he's stolen.

  8. This will be released in Dez 2016 NOT 2017 Aavak:3 u kinda shocked me for a second in the beginning of the video…had to search for a few minutes to get a clear answer. But its definetly 2016!
    Edit: Mhh apparently 2016 was just in the kickstarter date. Damn it…will be 2017 nevertheless. sry guys:(

  9. Probably no-one will get this, but I feel like that cat might be similar/a reference to Eatbugs from Tad Williams' Tailchaser's Song. He's an old black cat who often looks confused and stares off into the distance (exactly like that cat) but turns out to be


    secretly a god. He shows up really early and then just finally reveals himself as a mourning god later. I just really hope the cat is one hell of a Chekov's gun.

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