DM 101 – Episode 3: How to write your notes (D&D Help/Advice)


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  1. Please note this video is best watched in 1080p – So you can read the whiteboard notes!

    Apologies if this video appears a bit odd/washed out. On my editing machine at Yogtowers it looked pretty good and had a good contrast for the whiteboard sections, but on my home PC it seems a little weird. Hopefully it's just my home PC having a weird contrast and doesn't influence the video in a negative way?

  2. I'm really interested to how you developed this? As in how you developed your note style. Was it from sheer experience or through asking other DMs? I've been under 4 DMs, all great at roleplaying, and battle descriptions, but notes and how worlds should be kept and done. This was an awesome video, you're up there with the top Dungeon Masters, and have had the hard job of making 5 people in a room watchable for hours on end!

  3. Thank you, Mark! These notes are similar to mine! I also keep a list of high-level, how to put it, things that are likely to happen, no matter what the players do; like world-level plot points that the players have to respond to, or decide their approach. Anyway, this is lovely. Thanks again, cheers!!

  4. Thanks a lot for posting this episode, Mark. My sessions have been very railroaded and unsatisfying for my players, but I think this video is going to help me a lot. My notes don't just tell a story anymore, they create a world for my players to interact with. Admittedly, I haven't been able to use them in a game yet, but my next session is on Saturday and I can't wait to see how my new notes format works.
    Also, I get to blame you if someone dies to a shadow dragon 😛

  5. Hey Mark, one major problem I have with my group when I DM, is getting them to move around and engage. They have a tendency to sit in the city and not really do much without serious prodding. What sort of things could I do to get them up and moving and traveling to these different locations? Thanks.

  6. I can't stress enough: If you pull random art online, do not use it online (if you make a wiki or any public things, like videos.) If it's just for personal use or to show to the players, that's fine.

  7. Google apps, open office, and gimp have been my main digital tools outside of random generators everyonce in a while

  8. How can I remove an NPC that that players have become attached to and one of the PCs have fallen in love with?

  9. Dear Mark Sherlock Humes.

    I've been a massive fan of high rollers since it's beginning. I am also a personal admirer of both your skills as a gm and the worlds you've built. I have been my peer group's sole gm for about 6 years now, and it has been taxing. I have thoroughly missed getting to play and be a part of that side of the game. When I heard you were beginning this series I was so excited. I knew that this would be both enlightening for me, and informative for my players who have (finally) began showing an interest in running. I apologize for the long backstory and rambling praise, but I would like you to know that you have been an inspiration to myself, and I'm sure to many others to come. Thank you for the work you do.


  10. Almost everything helped in this video helped. I ran a campaign before and I unfortunately over planned everything and it turned out to be railroaded. I know I can use this for another campaign that will make me a better DM. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  11. I cannot begin to describe how helpful this lesson was to me. This was the biggest thing I felt I lacked in my DM:ing, and is a video I will point friends toward that are interested in learning the more practical aspect of running a game. Thank you so much!

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