Does Your Personality Affect The Character You Play As In Video Games?


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  1. When I play video games I have a vision of what I want my goal to be. Sometimes that Vision must changed when I find out that goal can't be met or there's a better goal to be met. I think that is how most people are.

  2. I think it really depends on the kind of game I'm playing. Generally, I try to get inside my player character's head and behave as they would, if possible. In a game like The Witcher where I'm controlling a clear-cut protagonist with his own personality, I base my decisions on how Geralt himself would most likely act (Some choices in the game ARE still rather hard to make though, as is its nature). On the other hand, when I play a game that allows me to create a character from scratch, such as Elder Scrolls, I tend to go the extra mile, come up with an origin and personality for them, and adhere to that throughout the experience.

    It becomes a little tougher when playing games with a hero of the "silent protagonist" variety like say, Link. You don't customize them and they're clearly recognized as an individual without any player input, and yet in terms of personality and motivations outside of the current objective, they're a blank slate. In those cases I tend to apply my own personality to them unless I can gain something through context clues outside of player control.

  3. I sometimes tried to play the Mass Effect series as a renegade for shits and giggles in the first and second games but I always end up choosing the paragon responses when it comes to talking with my companions, I can't bring myself to be rude to them, except for Ashley, who's only ash on Virmire now. It's even worse in ME3, the renegade is a straight-up cold-hearted bastard, you can convince Wrex with renegade options in ME1, so even a full renegade since ME1 would have to shoot Mordin in the back since taking the Dalatrass' offer requires the player to kill Mordin or have Wreav as Clan Urdnot's chief.

  4. In games, I basically never try to "mirror my own personality". The closest I ever get to that is playing a wizard in Skyrim and that's a stretch.
    I just don't make the connection a lot of people seem to make, since I see the game as a game and not as a bunch of choices I'm making.
    The hardest choices I've had to make in games though..?
    1. The ending of Fable 1, I was "good" the entire game. Literally glowing with goodness. I killed my sister to mock the game for not making my choices matter. It's so stupid how you can choose to get the good or bad ending with one final "yes or no" option in some games, KotOR did this too, it was dumb as hell.
    and …
    2. Should I keep using plasma pistols in Halo: Reach or should I go for easier weapons to get easier kills? Nah, plasma pistol is awesome.

  5. Being an old school pen and paper gamer, I get into the character the game gives me, or gives me the opportunity to play, and they generally reflect how I am feeling at the time. Expression, ain't it grand?

  6. [sees title] Sure it does. But then, My personality is…You leave me alone, I leave you alone. You genuinely need help? I'll help you(if I can). But…You give me shit, or think you can bully me, and I make you into a gruesome spectacle for all to witness. It's my philosophy in life, and my philosophy when gaming.

  7. One of the reasons that Fallout4 didn't feel like a Fallout game to me, you were already made into someone and had far less choices… WHY BETHESDA? YOU HAD SUCH A GOOD RECIPE!

  8. You literally could have answered this question with "yes, but only if you choose" instead of this droning monologue of meaningless references

  9. Ahhh, the frikin white phosphorus. Never have i been more angry at a game for strong-arming me in a situation that is unavoidable and then trying to guilt trip me for it.
    Without choise, it just doesn't work!

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