Don’t Cheat Kids (Overwatch)

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  1. nigga the game itself offers you free aimbot/wall hacks for a limited time

    if you can't use widow or soldier's ults then maybe you should play as another character??;;;

  2. I found this really obvious hacker the other day. They were playing as Widowmaker, and didn't even try to hide their wall hacks. In fact, all Widowmakers I face hack! And don't get me started on this Soldier 76!

  3. any parrent that teaches their kinds to not cheat are morons,
    my parrents tought me to cheat but don't get gaught
    i'm a docter now with out even knowing the basics

    lmao jk jk

  4. i cheat alot in Solo campaign kinds of games and thats about it, so you're going to judge me just because i wanted a full eevee team while still playing the main story of Pokemon?!!! YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ME MOM!!!

  5. We teach our kid's not to cheat but then we send them to school to learn how to not keep score and how every one is oh so special so you still get gold stars and pizza even when you lost or didn't do the work.

  6. When I was young, I always used cheats on games that did not affect other players like GTA San Andreas. However as I've grown older, I have dropped all of them because at the end of the day cheating always takes away from the genuine fun that the games can provide.

  7. Who needs hacks when you can play junkrat, torbjorn or bastion? There's so many different types of characters it's easy to find someone who you're good at. If not? Practice.
    I don't understand why people cheat on multiplayer games. You're ruining it for others.

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