Don’t Fall For This Hack On Runescape ( Commentary

Don't Fall For This Hack On Runescape ( Commentary

yeah i just posted this video showing me getting hacked and hoping you guys don’t fall for the same thing usually hay ask if they can have a moment of your t…
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  1. If you want a Runescape Account hacked for you me and my guys can do it. We only operate Tuesday through Saturday so if we receive an email from you, Not during that time period, we will get back to you, however, IF the format of the email you sent us is wrong , we will not respond.THIS is the format in which you will email us
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  3. Hey, I need some beta testers for my Runescape stats editor!
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  4. If you offered to teach me, I would take it. But when it’s over, my mind will most likely be the same. So, message me if you want but if you hack me and can regain everything. Trust me, I know a lot of people who can rehack a hacked account.

  5. I think overall, hackers have no lives.. Seriously! Get the crap yourself and be respected for that.. I call hacking a cowards way out to make it rich. I’m a merchant, so that is making me money, no need to hack..

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