Dota 2: 10 Treasure Key of Cursed Wood GIVEAWAY + Opening Chests


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Hi, EpicEpics here. Today I am opening 10 chests of Cursed Wood chests as well as doing a giveaway of 10 Treasure Key of Cursed Wood. Worth .50 each. This is a way to give back to my subscribers who have been so supportive and hopefully bring in some new viewers also. End Date and Giveaway rules are below. Thanks for watching!

End Date: April 30th, NORTH AMERICAN TIME.

Giveaway Rules:
1- Must be subscribed to the channel
2- Must comment on THIS video
3- Must thumbs up this video
4- It would help me to favorite this video

10 people will be drawn in the winners video, winners NEED TO REPLY to the video to win. (some subscribers suggested this to encourage people who are active subs VS people who are subbed just for the giveaway)

1st person to reply wins 4 keys
2nd person to reply wins 2 keys
3rd person to reply wins 2
4th person to reply wins 1
5th person to reply wins 1
6th-10th of the people on the list gets nothing.

I am EpicEpics from the Dota 2 team MM. We often play in the top live games. I would like to give commentaries regarding how we play and think in my Weekly Replay Analysis. Join me on my journey to improve my game play and let me entertain you.

In my channel there are also Let’s Play videos with some of my other friends, and hero based tutorial for newer players, as well as in depth mechanics+tips for experienced players.

Credit music by: (Cut and Run) Kevin MacLeod (


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