Dota 2 Chest Opening: Immortal Treasure II

Filename: dota2treasurechest.exe

FileSize: 22 MB

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  1. i just got 1 golden basher blades and 2 golden luna shields or watever. how do i get more levels quickly without spending money?

  2. Is it too late to buy the compendium now? What happens if i buy one now? And, do i still get to level up the compendium book when the tournament is over?

  3. Answer my question. If i met the requirements to own the immortal treasure i will get all of them or just obe. Answer my question i know if you bought an any tresure from the store you will receive only one. 

  4. I opened a single chest and got Void shoulders, shadow fiend arms and the golden basher blades.. im the luckiest man in the world?

  5. OmG i have a lvl 2 compenduim and when i opend my immortal 2 i got golden anti ,age bashers and shadow fiend arms and disruptor lol!!! If you dont belive me check my account [HGN]Sk8128

  6. It feels like an eternity to wait for Immo Treasure III. Money level has already been reached and I dont see the chests, neither the sand style of the map.

  7. I got 3 SF Desolators from 9 chests, got scammed for one but don't really care. I play for fun, not for sets, lol.

  8. level 9, golden antimage and tinker… well, i dont play this heroes but i think i will just trade them later

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