Dota 2 Chest Opening: Treasure of the Enigmatic Wanderer

Filename: dota2treasurechest.exe

FileSize: 26 MB

Free dota2treasurechest is ready for download

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  1. Can you(in your next chest openning videos) please show date , when sets will be tradeable and marketable? Sorry bad english :)

  2. Uuhm sunsfan? Is that rare even rare??
    I bought 2 treasures and got uuhm 2 leshracs?? or is that just 1000% luck

  3. Am I the only one that freaks out about the way valve animated Leshrac front legs Wrong???
    Have you ever seen a real horse before?
    his Joints are Backwards!

  4. searching for sb or sk..i have pugna.its not tradeable at the moment (giftable) i wont go first..scammer go away..give me ur friend id

  5. Iron Claw (IE Ironclad Mold) is basically the only good Sand King set in the game.
    If I get it I might genuinely want to play Sand King.

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