Dota 2 Chest Opening: Treasure of the Summit’s Peak and the Forged Fury

Filename: dota2treasurechest.exe

FileSize: 23 MB

Free dota2treasurechest is ready for download

Dota 2 Chest Opening: Treasure of the Summit’s Peak and the Forged Furywas extracted from


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  1. My condolences to KingB. 🙁
    We also had a cat for like 7 years, my cold-hearted sadist mom thought he was too old because he can't kill rats as quick as he did for the past years so she brought our cat to the woods and left him there without even informing us 😐
    Funny thing is, he was able to come back two days after that , but then he died a month after… So sad.

  2. I wanted the Spectre set but had to buy all six before I finally got it 🙁

    All of the forged fury sets are pretty good except for the Naga one, which is outrageously over the top and fugly.

  3. Well, pets are always like a members of families. It's not nice time when some of the pets die and you just have to admit it and say good bye =/.

  4. I got so freaking lucky. I got two of the Rainmakers and sold one for 12 bucks lol. i guess RNJesus just took and took then decided to cash in my karma points and net me 12 bucks.

  5. you can buy all those sets or the bonus ones for cheaper than the amount of money you spent on all of those . 

  6. MK stands for Mark 7
    so just like iron man had many versions of iron man, the Mark 1 to 4 for example

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