Dota 2 Chest Opening: Winter 2016 Treasure IV

Filename: dota2treasurechest.exe

FileSize: 25 MB

Free dota2treasurechest is ready for download

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  1. That broodmother set is like Boss in World of warcraft spiderboss from Firelands and dazzle staff is like Zardoom weapon drop from wow From Illidan Black Temple

  2. guys.. please have mercy to the hero who dont have a set even 1 but other heroes like a 20 set in 1 hero.. give a chance to other hero.

  3. they should base broodmother on real life spiders, like search acanthoscurria and imagine a broodmother like that

  4. would call this unintentionally homoerotic, but i'm convinced Sunsfan is just pretending the other mic isn't working. ;)

  5. i opened 15 of that fucking treasure and i never got the legion of the fucking + 15 levels

  6. "is she rocks is she molten? is she half a fire monster? why is she yellow dude"

    mate do you even know what the fuck amber is?

  7. It was Slacksy's boyhood dream to host a treasure opening video, I am so glad he finally got to realize this dream :')

  8. You should really do what Slax suggested, buying many chests and see if how many u have to open until u get an ultra rare

  9. do you another account of dota2 or give me set:) add me in fb ARTHON JON S. GALLEMIT or add me in dota 2 #215282955 ty idols

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