Dota 2 Immortal Spotlight – Immortal Treasure I


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  1. acaully i dont know what to buy in dota 2 tho i want to buy arcana but i want a immortal i got like 100 dollars in that steam to spend in dota 2 but I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BUY CAN SOMEONE OR ANYONE CAN HELP ME WHAT TO BUY I REALLY DONT KNOW

  2. golden moonfal is very extremely rare than black nihilty if you going to buy black nihilty try to buy 1 piece not bundle it will cost too much

  3. Anyone wants to trade sandking/disruptor for magnus immortal? add me dota ID: 42260495 you gift first! wont scam 🙂

  4. Ngl, ive been so happy with these immortals so far, such good effects and detail to them in comparison to the ones from Ti4

  5. (2 years back) Waiting for an Invoker immortal 
    (1  year back) Still waiting for Invoker immortal
    (Today) Still friggin' waiting for Invoker immortal hoping they release it by next year.

    Huskar's immo is horrible making him look waaay too g*y, Luna's immo is worse and Pugna's is the worst ….
    Enigma is pretty good..Night Stalker and Magnus is SICK …Spirit breaker's immo could have been made better with some more animations. It's pretty damn good though .

    Still waiting for Invoker immortal….and yeah…Meepo too..

  6. Spirit Breaker, Magnus , Huskar, Night Stalker AWESOOME!  
     Really looking forward to Zues and Enigma  ;,D

  7. okey Magnus is by far the coolest, also the animation gives a better idea of the actual range of shockwave. Amazing

  8. if any1 has an extra NS immortal and is willing to gift 1 fell free and add me couz i need it so much my steam name is =Vid[H]anT=

  9. im level 117 with my compendium and i still dont have the last two items for the immortal treasures the night stalker and golden luna item how long until i get them does anyone know???

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