Dota 2 Purge opens Treasure of Rarities


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  1. I see that Purge has around 750 wins, but that makes me wonder how many
    losses he has. Not that it has a ton to do with skill because you could
    have shitty teammates, but I’m still curious

  2. I think a goatee would be nice on u purge but try to cover everything with
    beard I think that would make u look good too

  3. Even if he did, it doesn’t change the fact that they are 2 dollar keys. If
    you got 2 cars for free, would you just give one of them away to a stranger?

  4. I got really lucky, I opened my only Treasure of Rarities, and got an
    Unusual/Legendary Courier w/ the burning effect! The frog 🙂

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